We Hold Drunk Drivers Accountable

The decision to drink and drive has resulted in thousands of innocent California residents being badly injured or killed. And drunk driving accidents are particularly tragic because every one of these crashes was 100 percent preventable.

At Piering Law Firm, we understand your concerns and know what needs to be done. We are advocates for you in making certain you receive the maximum settlement for which you are entitled.

Establishing Liability In Drunk Driving Cases

Sadly, finding parties accountable in drunk driving cases is not always enough. Despite state requirements to have adequate insurance coverage, individuals who drink and drive often flaunt the law and drive without any coverage whatsoever. Many of these drivers do not even have a valid driver's license and should never be on the road to begin with.

We take away the stress of dealing with insurance companies by handling all of the negotiations on your behalf. Besides holding drunk drivers responsible for the injuries they cause, we make certain insurance companies meet their obligations when making injury claim payments. We understand how to locate applicable insurance coverage to compensate you for your injuries.

Attorneys Who Are Skilled Negotiators And Skilled Litigators

Injuries resulting from drunk driving crashes are often even more severe than those occurring in the typical automobile crash. Such accidents often involve head-on crashes or accidents where a drunk driver blows through a stop sign or red light without slowing down. These crashes result in traumatic injuries requiring prolonged hospitalization and multiple surgeries. The amount of compensation required to cover medical expenses and everyday costs is often difficult to calculate.

As personal injury cases involving drunk drivers are complex, it is always beneficial to have on your side attorneys who understand this area of law and have experience trying such cases in court. Our lawyers, Robert Allen Piering and John Beals, have been representing individuals injured in California car crashes for a combined 35-plus years. We understand the Sacramento court system and the best methods for getting evidence admitted to a case. Because we have a powerful reputation concerning litigation of these matters, we also are in a strong position to negotiate the best possible settlement for you.

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