Fair Compensation For Injured Pedestrians

When a 3,000 pound vehicle collides with an unprotected pedestrian, the injuries are usually severe and often deadly. Sadly, a large portion of those killed in pedestrian accidents are young children. If you have been injured or a loved one was hit by a car or other vehicle and killed by another person's negligence in or around Sacramento, you need a strong and compassionate advocate on your side who is committed to helping you get the compensation you need and deserve.

At Piering Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers handle your claims with competence and compassion. We handle cases involving all types of automobile accidents on a contingency basis, so you only pay us when we win.

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Pedestrians Hit By Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles Or Other Motor Vehicles

Insurance companies will do whatever it takes to deny an injured pedestrian rightful compensation. They may try to prove that you or your loved one was at fault for the accident because you did not look where you were walking or were struck while running between two cars. Our pedestrian injury lawyers are familiar with these tactics, and have the knowledge and resources to counter them with facts.

We work with accident reconstructionists, who will evaluate your case and determine the true cause of your accident. We also work with medical experts who will testify as to the severity of your injuries. Our pedestrian accident attorneys will also take the time to understand how your injuries have impacted your quality of life. Then we will aggressively pursue compensation that reflects the full extent of your loss.

Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Will Fight For You

At Piering Law Firm, we fight for the rights of pedestrian and hit-by-car accident victims throughout Sacramento County, California. Our attorneys Robert Allen Piering and John Beals have more than 35 years of combined experience handling complex personal injury cases. We will work hard to recover maximum compensation for you.

Though most pedestrian accidents are settled out of court, our lawyers will prepare your case as if it were going to trial. By taking these extra steps at the forefront of your case, we are well-equipped to prevail at the negotiation table or, if necessary, at trial.

To schedule a free consultation — in your home or on the weekend, if necessary with one of our knowledgeable Sacramento pedestrian accident lawyers, call 916-596-2761 or contact us online.