Your Options Following Uber/Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare services involve connecting passengers with drivers through the use of online applications. While rideshare transportation in California is relatively new, the number of accidents involving such services such as Uber is remarkably high. The laws governing liability for rideshare services are also different than those governing other transportation or taxi services. Because the relationship between the company and the driver is viewed differently (as are the terms of employment), the company may attempt to use this difference in relationship as a means of denying liability.

Establishing who is responsible and who has to pay for injuries occurring in these accidents is often extremely difficult. At Piering Law Firm, we keep up-to-date on the law regarding rideshare liability and understand how to prove liability and make responsible parties pay.

Liability Coverage And Uber Accidents

The types of insurance coverage applicable to an accident involving an Uber driver vary greatly based upon the circumstances. The coverage differs depending on whether the driver is or is not on a trip. For example, insurance companies may attempt to deny coverage regarding an accident by claiming a driver is between rides.

The attorneys at Piering Law Firm have the sophistication to sort out which parties should be held responsible for the injuries you have suffered. We understand whether compensation packages offered to settle injury claims are sufficient. Finally, with over 35 years of combined personal injury litigation experience, our lawyers know how to try cases in court. And due to our reputation as litigators, we are in a strong position to successfully negotiate claims without having to go to court.

Attorneys Working Specifically For You

As powerful advocates on your behalf, we take immediate steps to investigate your claim while working toward preserving evidence and interviewing every witness. Our law firm retains expert witnesses who provide the kind of evidence testimony and evidence to bring your case successfully to a conclusion.

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