Holding Dog Owners Responsible After An Attack

Under California law, the owner or owners of a dog are responsible for the actions of their pet. This legal fact usually becomes relevant when a dog bites someone who wants compensation for his or her injury. Dog bites can require extensive and ongoing medical treatment, sometimes including surgery. They often leave permanent scars and may leave the victim disfigured. The dog's owner is responsible for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and the long-term physical effects of the injury.

A dog bite claim is a form of premises liability lawsuit, where someone is injured while lawfully on the property of another person. When this occurs, you need a skilled lawyer, like those at Piering Law Firm in Sacramento.

When A Dog Injures A Child

Because children often lack the understanding that all dogs are not friendly and patient, they are often the victim of dog bites and attacks. Young children in particular may annoy or bother dogs, provoking them to acts of aggression. Small children are also less capable of protecting themselves or fighting off an attack, which can result in incredibly serious injuries. Children who have suffered dog bites when they are young can be left with a lifelong reminder of the incident in the form of scars. Unfortunately, children are often bitten around the head and face, and they are commonly traumatized and left with a fear of all dogs.

Scarring often requires plastic surgery, and sometimes multiple surgeries are necessary over time. With children, plastic surgery often cannot be completed until the child has finished growing. This means the child must live through his or her youth with visible scars. Scars can result in damaged self-esteem and psychological issues.

We Will Fight For Complete Compensation In Sacramento, Folsom And Davis

If you have been bitten or injured by a dog or other animal, you are likely entitled to compensation. The only instances where a dog owner would not be liable are if you were somewhere you were not legally permitted (trespassing) or if you provoked the dog. Absent those narrow circumstances, the owner of the dog will be liable to you for the injuries you have suffered. This also extends to being entitled to compensation even without actually being bitten. If you are knocked over or fall as a result of the actions of a dog you may be entitled to compensation.

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