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April 2016 Archives

California police investigating wrongful death at Coachella

Music and art lovers from all over the country recently traveled to California to attend the popular Coachella festival. While most people appeared to be enjoying the music and other festivities, one family is mourning the apparent wrongful death of a young festival goer. The victim was an 18-year-old woman who was struck and killed by a motor vehicle.

Laundry pods and the threat they pose to small children

We've all seen them in stores: those brightly colored pouches filled with laundry detergent, specifically designed to make the process of doing laundry easier. But contained in those pouches is a mixture of concentrated detergent that, according to its own packaging, can be harmful if swallowed. So why then, some may wonder, do these pouches look so much like candy?

Paralysis: How a life can change in an instant

Most people can't begin to imagine what it's like to lose the ability to move their arms and legs. But for people living with paraplegia and quadriplegia, this is a reality of life. And for some, this reality is due to someone else's negligence.

5 steps bicyclists should take after getting hit by a car

Imagine you are riding your bike on the streets of Sacramento when suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you see a driver next to you making a right-hand turn directly into your path. Though it may feel as if you're watching things in slow motion, you collide with the vehicle in only a matter of seconds.

Lane splitting: Hazard or helper?

The practice of lane splitting has become a hot-button topic over the last few years here in California. While state law does not expressively prohibit lane splitting, the law does not deem it legal either. This means that those who choose to participate in the activity venture into a legal grey area that has become a source of contention, especially in accident cases.

Dozing driver causes wreck, wrongful death of child

The dangers of driving while intoxicated or using a cell phone behind the wheel are generally well-known, but these are not the only actions that put motorists at risk. A sleepy driver apparently caused a devastating car accident that resulted in at least one wrongful death. The victim was only 8 years old.

Possible drug-related wreck led to wrongful death

A 70-year-old California man was killed after being struck by a vehicle while riding his motorcycle. The wreck shut down part of I-680 while the California Highway Patrol investigated and cleared the scene. Aside from the apparent wrongful death of the motorcyclist, no one else was injured in the wreck.

Class-action products liability suit blames Old Spice for burns

The Old Spice guy might be an internet sensation for his acting in the hyper-masculine deodorant commercials, but the popular deodorant brand has been the recent focus of attention for much less desirable reasons. According to a lawsuit filed against Proctor & Gamble, Old Spice deodorant has caused thousands of chemical burns and rashes. The products liability claim was filed as a class-action claim, giving victims in California the opportunity to recover compensation.

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