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August 2016 Archives

Truckers seek injunction to stop enforcement of ELD mandate

Last year, amidst a firestorm of controversy, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) faced a difficult decision: change existing hours of service rules to staunch the number of serious and fatal truck accidents that were occurring because of fatigued driving or leave regulations the way they were so as not to negatively impact the trucking industry in the United States.

Updates to California distracted driving law look promising

In 2006, California legislators passed legislation that was supposed to decrease the number of distracted driving accidents in the state by prohibiting people from using wireless telephones while operating a vehicle. Unfortunately, despite its best efforts, the bill has done little to discourage drivers from using cellphones behind the wheel. Furthermore, an unforeseen loophole has also made it difficult for police to enforce the law and hold drivers accountable for their negligence.

Where are you more likely to die in a crash? Data suggests the US

Over the last decade, you've likely seen an increase in the number of public health campaigns. These ads have asked drivers to do everything from paying more attention to their surroundings in an effort to start seeing motorcyclists to securing a sober ride instead of driving while intoxicated.

New California law aims to reduce motorcycle accidents

Lawmakers who recently passed a new state law are hoping to make California roads safer by legalizing a somewhat controversial motorcycle maneuver. California is now the only state in America in which it is legal for motorcyclists to lane split, or to move in between lanes of traffic. Advocates for the law claim that it will help reduce the incidence of motorcycle accidents.

FDA clears the way for marketing of brain injury assessing software

As many people know, a brain injury can change a person's life forever. From possible memory and speech issues to complete disability, the severity of a brain injury oftentimes dictates the quality of life an individual will have after an accident.

Are you safer riding on the shoulder or in a bike lane?

Long-time residents in Sacramento have seen major changes over the years when it comes to bicycle traffic. With more people raising concerns about environmental and personal health, biking has become a cleaner and healthier alternative, which has led to an increase in bicycle use throughout the city and surrounding areas.

Gel Spice could face products liability claims after recall

A recent recall has some people in California double-checking their pantries for possibly dangerous spices. The recall could prompt products liability claims from around the country, as lead-tainted turmeric was distributed under several different brand names. Lead can have a profoundly negative impact when allowed to accumulate inside of a human body.

Vehicle recalls skyrocket, products liability claims might follow

Consumers tend to gravitate toward vehicles with the newest and best safety features. With the assurance of airbags and backup cameras, most drivers assume that they will be largely protected on the road. Reality involves a much different picture -- a significant number of recalled vehicles are still on the road, and their owners have no idea. For some owners, these defects ultimately lead to products liability claims.

Walking into danger doesn't mean you will walk away from damages

When a pedestrian accident occurs, the first thing most people ask is, "Who was at fault?" It's a simple question that, depending on the state you live in, can mean the difference between getting the full compensation you deserve and having to pay for medical expenses -- among other damages -- out of pocket.

Wrongful death claims may follow fatal bus accident

Federal law limits the continuous hours that bus and truck drivers in California are allowed to drive. Operators of these vehicles must rest for prescribed periods after driving for the number of hours allowed per driver. Exhausted bus drivers can cause devastating accidents that may lead to multiple wrongful death claims.

Fiat Chrysler held liable for death linked to recent recall

Recall notices for motor vehicles are designed to warn owners about the potential dangers their vehicles pose and encourage them to take action so as to avoid an accident from occurring. But if recall notices aren't sent out in a timely manner, accidents are bound to happen, which may include unnecessary injuries and even deaths.

Pokemon Go app putting real people in real danger, reports show

If you ever watched Pokemon as a child and thought, "I wish I could be a pokemon trainer, roaming the world and trying to catch them all!" Then you're in luck! In early July, game developer Niantic released the now widely popular, free-to-play app called Pokemon Go that now gives everyone the ability to live out their childhood dream of "catching them all."

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