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Samsung the focus of another products liability suit

Once-loyal Samsung customers might be questioning their allegiance to the company's products after reports broke that another one of its products could be defective. Washing machines across the country are breaking down, and at least one products liability suit has already been filed against the company. No injuries have been reported yet, but the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission noted that there is a real and impending safety risk to consumers who use the washing machine.

Another defect raises concerns about Samsung products

You've probably heard about incidents in which a water heater has exploded in a person's home, causing considerable destruction and possibly even serious injuries as well. But have you ever heard about a washing machine exploding and causing similar problems? If you've been paying attention to the news lately, then you may have answered yes.

First possible lawsuit filed against Samsung for bad batteries

We rely on manufacturers to notify us immediately when they identify a potential problem with the products we have purchased, especially if they could pose a serious risk to our health and/or safety. When manufacturers fail to act quickly to release recall notices, accidents inevitably happen and in the process, innocent consumers are oftentimes injured as a result.

Products liability suits useful for holding companies accountable

It often feels as if new smart phones roll off of the manufacturing line and into the hands of consumers at ever increasing speeds. While this pace of new technology might be exciting, it might also lead some in California to wonder whether companies are putting in their due diligence when it comes to safety. When companies fail to do so, consumers can hold them accountable through successfully filed products liability suits.

Gel Spice could face products liability claims after recall

A recent recall has some people in California double-checking their pantries for possibly dangerous spices. The recall could prompt products liability claims from around the country, as lead-tainted turmeric was distributed under several different brand names. Lead can have a profoundly negative impact when allowed to accumulate inside of a human body.

Vehicle recalls skyrocket, products liability claims might follow

Consumers tend to gravitate toward vehicles with the newest and best safety features. With the assurance of airbags and backup cameras, most drivers assume that they will be largely protected on the road. Reality involves a much different picture -- a significant number of recalled vehicles are still on the road, and their owners have no idea. For some owners, these defects ultimately lead to products liability claims.

Fiat Chrysler held liable for death linked to recent recall

Recall notices for motor vehicles are designed to warn owners about the potential dangers their vehicles pose and encourage them to take action so as to avoid an accident from occurring. But if recall notices aren't sent out in a timely manner, accidents are bound to happen, which may include unnecessary injuries and even deaths.

Hoverboards recall could cause spike in products liability claims

Hoverboards spiked in popularity after the two-wheeled gadget hit the consumer market, but their popularity might be set to decline. Nearly half a million hoverboards have been recalled over serious concerns for consumer safety. For California consumers who have already been injured by these popular gadgets, products liability suits could be on the horizon.

Manufacturer of dental crown faced with products liability suit

Most class action lawsuits that make the California news stem from consumer complaints against manufacturers of defective products. A more recent class action products liability suit was filed not by a group of consumers, but by dentists. According to the claim, the dentists witnessed the significantly high failure rate of a product manufactured by 3M.

Laundry pods and the threat they pose to small children

We've all seen them in stores: those brightly colored pouches filled with laundry detergent, specifically designed to make the process of doing laundry easier. But contained in those pouches is a mixture of concentrated detergent that, according to its own packaging, can be harmful if swallowed. So why then, some may wonder, do these pouches look so much like candy?

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