Common Car Accident Injuries

Woman with Whiplash

There are over 6,000,000 car accidents per year in America. Thousands of people are seriously hurt every day. When attorneys talk about getting compensation for their client’s injuries, they’re usually referring to serious, potentially life-changing injuries. The following are a few common car accident injuries attorneys see almost every day.

Head and Neck Injuries

Most people image whiplash when they picture an auto injury. That’s because neck injuries can happen in almost any accident, regardless of speed. Any collision that causes a driver’s neck to jerk back and forth puts them at risk of whiplash.

Similarly, someone who hits their head on the airbag or their seat’s headrest may suffer a concussion. These vary in severity but can have long-lasting consequences and increase the risk of a future head injury becoming a traumatic brain injury.

Broken Bones

Fractures and broken bones are extremely common after a serious car crash. These can range from simple hairline fractures to the very serious compound fracture.

Every year, hundreds of people suffer skull fractures from impact with an airbag. Broken arms are common for drivers who keep their hands at “10 and 2,” rather than “9 and 3.”

Legs, especially knees, are also susceptible to damage from an accident. Bent knees tend to slam into the dashboard during a crash, causing shinbone and ligament damage.

Internal Damage

Some injuries are invisible to the naked eye. The blunt force of a car crash can cause unseen internal organ damage. Someone who seems fine at the scene of the accident may be overcome with abdominal pain in the following days or weeks.

Because internal injuries are easy to miss, anyone involved in a car accident should go to the doctor as soon as possible. Many victims who didn’t go to the doctor within three days of the accident may find their insurance company arguing that the injuries are not as severe as they claim, even if the symptoms did not appear for several weeks.

When that happens, the injured often need strong legal representation to get the compensation and treatment they deserve.

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