Was Your Child Injured By A Dangerous Product?

According to the 2010 CPSC report, there were an estimated 81,700 emergency department treated injuries associated with nursery products among children under five years of age. Infant carriers and car seat carriers, cribs/mattresses, strollers/carriages, and high chairs were associated with approximately 68 percent of the reported injuries. According to the report, falls were a major cause of injury with the head being the body part most commonly affected.

Additionally, during the three-year period of 2006-2008, there were a reported 304 deaths associated with nursery products among children under the age of five. Cribs, bassinets, mattresses, playpens, play yards, baths, bath seats and bathinettes were associated with 90 percent of the fatalities reported.

Recalls Of Dangerous And Hazardous Toys And Cribs

Since November 1, 2007, the CPSC has been closely monitoring the incoming incident reports related to cribs, bassinets and play yards in a pilot project known as the Early Warning System. As a result of the close follow up to the incident reports, many product-related recalls were issued.

Additionally, defective toys have been a concern for many parents as a result of the media coverage relating to the Chinese-made toys that contained lead paint. As a result of the findings of lead paint, Mattel, the world's largest toy company, had to announce a recall of millions of toys. Only a few short months later, Mattel again had to recall millions of toys as a result of the findings of a design flaw relating to magnets that had come loose and been ingested by children, causing several fatalities.

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