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Manufacturers' responsibility for consumer safety

The basic premise of any personal injury suit is that the defendant owed a duty of care to the plaintiff and breached it. When the case involves a product injuring someone, many questions can arise as to the manufacturer's responsibility.

Generally, manufacturers must put out products that are reasonably safe for consumers to use. Depending on the specific product, this can mean several very different things.

Staying safe on your bicycle in Sacramento

Avid cyclists in Sacramento know the many risks and hazards involved in cycling through the city. Sometimes, despite the best precautions, an accident still occurs and causes serious injury.

One way to enhance your safety as you ride your bicycle in Sacramento is to understand the specific hazards you face. Once you are more informed, you can take that knowledge with you on the road.

3 essential tips for bicycling at night

With winter in full swing, night creeps up a lot faster. When you get less daylight, you may end up unexpectedly biking in the dark. Riding your bike during the night is riskier than riding when it is light out, but it may be the only way you can get home sometimes. 

If you are not accustomed to cycling after dark, you should keep some tips in mind to stay safe and avoid getting into an accident with a car. Here are some guidelines you should follow. 

3 tips for biking in the rain

Living in Sacramento means you get to enjoy bicycling in warm and dry weather most of the time. However, winter is here and it is going to start raining. Biking in the rain may be intimidating at first, but you do not need to keep your bike inside when it gets wet outside.

With the right knowledge, you can safely navigate the Sacramento roads even when the rain starts falling. Take a look at our tips for safely cycling in the rain below. 

Is the product defective or unavoidably unsafe?

While using a product, you sustained an injury that sent you to the hospital for emergency medical attention. The bills will be high, and you may need to miss some work, too, which will make your financial situation difficult.

Because the injury came from the product, you may wonder if you can sue the manufacturer. According to FindLaw, if the product is defective, the answer is likely to be yes. If it is unavoidably unsafe, the answer may be no.

4 safety tips for bicyclists

Sacramento is prone to heavy rainfall, especially during this time of year. The city typically sees an average of 18.5 inches of rainfall each year. 

You may need to bike to get to work or to reach CSU Sacramento. While you do not want a little rain to get in your way, you need to be vigilant of the dangers. Just as rain impacts how motorists need to behave, rainfall also means bicyclists need to be careful. With a few precautions, you can be more confident you will reach your destination safely. 

One major issue stemming from a fatal motorcycle accident case

It is always a tragedy when someone dies in a motorcycle accident. Often, these tragedies occur because a car was involved too, and the driver acted irresponsibly in some way. For example, the driver might have been texting behind the wheel or driving intoxicated.

However, driver negligence can be more difficult to prove in fatal accidents. In cases where the motorcyclist survives and can, at some point, discuss the accident, investigators may learn more about the cause(s) of the crash. Otherwise, motorists could claim with more credibility that the rider was at fault. However, while not being able to get the motorcyclist's side of the story is a major issue, it is one that does not stop skilled personnel from learning the true facts.

Why some people do not sue after a serious product injury

Products that cause injury are a fact of life in the United States, and the legal system in California and other states allows those injured to seek compensation, within some limits. For example, the California statute of limitations generally lets you sue only within a two-year time frame.

However, not everyone who has been affected by a product injury sues. Here is a look at some reasons why.

Severe injuries are common for older motorcyclists

Everyone who rides a motorcycle is vulnerable to sustaining injuries in the event of an accident, no matter if the rider is 20 years of age or 60-plus. However, research shows that the average age of motorcyclists has risen in the past 20 years, and so have injury rates.

Senior motorcycle riders have physiological issues their younger counterparts do not yet share, and as a result, injuries for older riders can be much more serious.

4 dangerous substances inside your home

You tend to think of your home as the safest place you can be. However, defective products can create risks in even the most comfortable location. Faulty appliances and harmful products can cause serious damage to your home and severe injuries to you and your family. 

Getting injured in your own home can be one of the most surprising and devastating things to happen. Here are some of the most potentially dangerous substances to watch out for in your home. 

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