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Severe injuries are common for older motorcyclists

Everyone who rides a motorcycle is vulnerable to sustaining injuries in the event of an accident, no matter if the rider is 20 years of age or 60-plus. However, research shows that the average age of motorcyclists has risen in the past 20 years, and so have injury rates.

Senior motorcycle riders have physiological issues their younger counterparts do not yet share, and as a result, injuries for older riders can be much more serious.

4 dangerous substances inside your home

You tend to think of your home as the safest place you can be. However, defective products can create risks in even the most comfortable location. Faulty appliances and harmful products can cause serious damage to your home and severe injuries to you and your family. 

Getting injured in your own home can be one of the most surprising and devastating things to happen. Here are some of the most potentially dangerous substances to watch out for in your home. 

California’s statute of limitations for product liability claims

Manufacturers have a duty to produce safe, functional products for you as a consumer, but situations do arise in which you may suffer injury because of product defects. If you are a California resident and someone who suffers a serious injury because of a defective product, you may want to hold the product’s manufacturer or retailer accountable for your injuries and associated hardships. 

Defective tires, toys and automobiles are just a few examples of products that have historically injured people. You may be wondering if there are limitations regarding how long you have to seek legal recourse.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents

Every time you ride your motorcycle, you assume some level of risk, and this is true even if you always wear protective gear and consistently follow the rules of the road. Because there is so little that stands between you and the roadway, you are also more likely to suffer a serious injury following an accident on your motorcycle than you would be in a car.

Educating yourself about common causes of motorcycle accidents may help you learn to avoid them, so it is important to recognize that many motorcycle accidents result from:

Riding your bike: risk factors and safety tips

Riding your bike is fun, healthy and convenient, but it can also be dangerous if you get into an accident. If a car hits you while you are on your bike, you are more likely to suffer injuries. This is why it is essential for you to know the risk factors and accident prevention tips. After all, an educated bicyclist is a safe bicyclist. Below is some of the most pertinent information you should know before you get back onto your bike. 

Statistics and risk factors

Common defects in automobiles

Common causes of motor vehicle accidents include distracted driving, intoxication and reckless driving. However, these are not the only ones. Sometimes another vehicle does not need to be involved for you to get into an accident. It can be the fault of your own automobile.

When you purchase a vehicle, you expect it to perform its functions properly and keep you safe. When it does not, you can become seriously injured and may have a product liability case on your hands.

Senior motorcyclists may sustain age-related injuries

The sight of a senior citizen in black leathers happily guiding a Harley down the highway is an inspiration. At the very least, it shows that the so-called "golden years" need not be boring.

However, such a ride is not always smooth sailing. Older motorcyclists risk injuries associated with age. Studies comparing injury rates for different age groups find that older bikers are more at risk for serious injuries or death due to physiological issues.

Quick guide to filing a wrongful death lawsuit in California

If one of your family members was killed by a negligent driver, you are likely feeling an overwhelming sense of grief and anger. You might be wondering how you can make sense of this situation. While nothing will make up for the loss of a loved one, financial compensation is possible for surviving family members.

According to the California wrongful death statute, there are certain people who can file a wrongful death lawsuit and receive damages.

Common motorcycle accident injuries to avoid

Many seasoned and novice motorcycle riders believe that they have nothing to fear when they hit the streets. However, the number of bikers killed in motorcycle crashes in California and across the country continues to rise daily. Many bikers who survive their accidents often end up with serious injuries that require expensive and lifelong care. 

Take some time to learn about the common types of motorcycle accident injuries that riders are at risk of sustaining and what you can do avoid them. 

Motorcycle accidents: Why should you wear a helmet?

You may prefer to ride your motorcycle instead of driving a car in California. Because motorcycles do not offer the same protections as passenger vehicles, the law requires you and your passengers to wear helmets. You should also wear safety gear to protect your body from serious injury.

Many bikers choose to gamble with their health and lives by not wearing helmets and safety gear despite the increased risk of serious injuries and death they face when they share the roads with vehicles that are much larger than theirs. Here are some reasons why you should at the minimum wear a helmet. 

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