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Gel Spice Could Face Products Liability Claims After Recall


About the Gel Spice Recall

A recent recall on turmeric from Gel Spice Inc. has some people in California double-checking their pantries. The recall could prompt products liability claims from around the country, as lead-tainted turmeric was distributed under several different brand names. Lead can have a profoundly negative impact when allowed to accumulate inside of a human body.

Original Recall for Turmeric in July 2016

The recall stems from an out-of-state company, Gel Spice Inc. The original recall came at the tail end of July 2016 and initially only covered the Fresh Finds brand of turmeric. The company stated that the recall was prompted when another state's Department of Agriculture ran routine testing and sampling discovered unhealthy levels of lead in its turmeric product.

6 More Affected Gel Spice Brands

Since then, six other brands have been added to the recall. All six affected brands distribute turmeric from Gel Spice, although the company has not yet discussed how the high levels of lead potentially got there or why the issue was not detected before it hit shelves. The company has, however, issued information that consumers can use to check their purchased containers of turmeric in order to determine whether they own and have been using one of the affected batches.

Pregnant women, the elderly and young children are all highly susceptible to the harmful effects of lead. Some California consumers might even need to undergo testing in order to discern the lead levels in their blood. When companies fail to protect consumers and release dangerous products tainted with toxic materials onto the market, victims can hold negligent businesses responsible for their actions by successfully navigating products liability claims to completion. Victims and their families can usually recover damages related to dangerous and defective products through this type of action.

Source: Food Safety News, "Six brands of turmeric added to recall for excessive lead," Aug. 8, 2016

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