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California Officer Critically Injured in Motorcycle Accidents


Drivers operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol certainly pose a serious threat on the road, but a driver does not have to be intoxicated to cause a life-altering accident. Motorcycle accidents are often caused by drivers who simply fail to notice motorcyclists. A recent such accident sent a California police officer to the hospital in critical condition.

The motorcycle officer was traveling through an intersection with the right-of-way at the time of the devastating accident. A pickup truck was also driving in the intersection, although in the opposite direction. Before the officer could safely make it to the other side, the pickup truck turned in front of the motorcycle in an attempt to either complete a U-turn or a left hand turn. Unable to avoid a collision, the officer crashed into the side of the pickup.

The force of the impact tossed the officer off of his motorcycle, causing him to suffer serious injuries. He was later stabilized at the hospital after undergoing surgery for several hours. It is likely that he will require even more surgeries in the future in order to address the full extent of his related injuries. Specific information regarding his injuries is still being withheld, but he suffered internal injuries, various fractures and serious head injuries. The driver of the pickup did not suffer any injuries, and police did not make a move to arrest her after they determined that neither drugs nor alcohol were involved.

Although the officer was apparently on the job at the time of the wreck, this does not preclude him from seeking just damages from a negligent driver. Workers' compensation benefits provide lost wages and medical help, but fail to address the emotional trauma and lingering pain and suffering that motorcycle accidents tend to cause. Personal injury suits are usually the most appropriate choice for California victims to address these ongoing damages.

Source:, "Simi Valley motorcycle officer hospitalized after crash w/ pickup truck", June 17, 2016

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