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Class-Action Products Liability Suit Blames Old Spice for Burns


The Old Spice guy might be an internet sensation for his acting in the hyper-masculine deodorant commercials, but the popular deodorant brand has been the recent focus of attention for much less desirable reasons. According to a lawsuit filed against Proctor & Gamble, Old Spice deodorant has caused thousands of chemical burns and rashes. The products liability claim was filed as a class-action claim, giving victims in California the opportunity to recover compensation.

The initial filing came after one victim allegedly developed burns and rashes following the use of Old Spice deodorant. He included photographs of his armpit area with the lawsuit, painting a clear picture of the type of damage the deodorant can apparently inflict. His complaint is not the only one contained in the suit, either. Internet reviews and comments from as far back as 2014 reveal that the complaints began early on. Many of those complaints about Old Spice rashes include pictures of the internet users' own armpits as evidence.

Consumers have expressed outrage over Proctor & Gamble's limited response to the ongoing problem. Many believe that the company is purposely hiding the serious risks associated with one of its most popular brands, instead placing its focus on profits rather than safety. Proctor & Gamble disagrees, chalking up the hundreds and thousands of complaints to little more than alcohol sensitivity that might lead to irritation.

The class-action suit is seeking damages to the tune of $25,000 for each and every victim who was wrongly harmed by the deodorant. While this does take into account the economic damages of having to throw away a purchased item that turned out to be defective, consumers in California can also be compensated for physical injuries. Rashes and chemical burns can often have long-term implications, including immediate and necessary medical care as well as long-term pain, all of which can be addressed through compensation recovered through a successful products liability claim.

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