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It's Motorcycle Season. Avoid These Common Types of Accidents.


As the weather changes and spring approaches, motorcycle riders start to feel restless and ready to hit the road. Riders across the country are getting their bikes out and conducting the last tune-ups for a season of rides. Rallies will start popping up every weekend, giving bikers a destination and a chance to catch up with friends.

As you get ready to hop on the bike and head join your friends for weekends of sunshine, take a moment to review some basics that will prevent an accident. Motorcycles obviously carry some risk, but understanding the leading causes of accidents can help you have a safe time without sacrificing any fun.

Some of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents include: bike.

Taking corners too quickly - When riders come into a tight corner, particularly while riding on a mountain pass, the momentum can cause the bike to lose its grip on the road and slide out. Check your speed and err on the side of caution.

Cars cutting off motorcyclists, changing lanes too quickly in front of the bike - All too often cars and larger vehicles don't look closely enough when changing lanes. This can cause the driver to cut off the bike, creating a serious accident. Ride defensively, giving cars plenty of space. Assuming that they see you can be a critical error.

Cars behind running into the motorcycle - Similar to the previous cause, distracted or inattentive drivers can misjudge how fast they are coming up on a bike and accidentally hit the bike from behind. Make sure that you are aware of all drivers, even those behind you.

Dooring - Drivers of cars and larger vehicles often fail to look when they are getting out of the car. This can result in the car door opening right into the rider. Again, give the cars plenty of space without assuming that they will see you coming by.

Drunk drivers - Never get on the bike if you've had too much to drink. At rallies and on stops during the ride, be mindful of how much you are drinking and how much you have left to ride that day. If you've had too much, get a ride home. Watch for erratic driving in other drivers on the road and ride defensively, staying far away from suspicious drivers.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, there are legal options available to recover the compensation you deserve from the person responsible for the accident. Our lawyers can guide you through this process and ensure you are paid what you deserve and need to cover medical bills and get back on the

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