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Another Defect Raises Concerns About Samsung Products


You've probably heard about incidents in which a water heater has exploded in a person's home, causing considerable destruction and possibly even serious injuries as well. But have you ever heard about a washing machine exploding and causing similar problems? If you've been paying attention to the news lately, then you may have answered yes.

As was highlighted in a Washington Post article on September 29, Samsung is under considerable scrutiny for potentially knowing about a defect with certain washing machines and not warning the public about the possible danger. This news comes in the wake of reports concerning another defective Samsung product we wrote about in a post last month.

Samsung washing machines can explode

Unlike the Galaxy Note 7 explosions, which have been linked to the cellphone's defective lithium-ion battery, a class action currently against Samsung claims that top-loading machines can vibrate violently when running heavy laundry loads. In some cases, this vibrations has caused "dramatic centrifugal explosion[s]" that cause considerable damage to the machines as well as nearby property that is struck by flying metal shrapnel.

Although no one appears to have suffered any injuries because of this defect, some are worried it might if Samsung does not take the appropriate actions to remove defective units from the market and fix the problem.

At present time, Samsung has only offered a warning and the suggestion that consumers wash heavy or bulky laundry on low settings to avoid problems. Meanwhile, a class action has been filed against Samsung that hopes to hold the manufacturer responsible for the damage its product has caused. The group is also demanding that the manufacturer also release a safety warning to help prevent further incidents and possible injuries.

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