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DUI Car Accidents Often Have Devastating Effects


A California accident involving two cars on a recent Tuesday evening in October has resulted in the arrest of one of the drivers on charges of driving under the influence. Car accidents such as this one often have devastating and lasting effects on the victims. Not only did one person suffer injuries, but her beloved pet was killed in the accident.

According to the accident report, a 27-year-old driver's vehicle moved across the road into approaching traffic. It smashed into the second vehicle involved, an SUV. At the time of the impact, the SUV was not moving, as the driver was waiting to turn to the left. The 64-year-old driver of the SUV was injured in the crash.

She was transported to a hospital in the area. Two days later she was still in hospital. No details regarding the extent of her injuries were available.

Traffic authorities decided to conduct a sobriety test on the 27-year-old at the accident scene. The blood alcohol content in her blood substantially exceeded the legal limit. She was arrested immediately. Bail was set at $100,000.

California law allows victims seriously injured in car accidents the choice to file personal injury claims against a driver deemed negligent, despite the outcome of any criminal charges. DUI driving typically constitutes driver negligence or recklessness. A civil court may award financial damages to injured parties. In this instance, if it is formally established that the woman was driving under the influence and thereby caused or contributed to the crash, it may lead to an award of monetary damages.

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