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Products Liability Suits Useful for Holding Companies Accountable


It often feels as if new smart phones roll off of the manufacturing line and into the hands of consumers at ever increasing speeds. While this pace of new technology might be exciting, it might also lead some in California to wonder whether companies are putting in their due diligence when it comes to safety. When companies fail to do so, consumers can hold them accountable through successfully filed products liability suits.

Samsung, manufacturer of many popular smartphones and other devices, recently made media headlines when reports of exploding phones surfaced. Sales for the recently released Galaxy Note 7 were suspended when at least 35 explosions were confirmed. However, certain retailers apparently decided not to adhere with Samsung's decision and still have the Galaxy Note 7 listed for sale. The explosions all apparently occurred while the phones were plugged in to charge.

Despite halting sales, Samsung declined to issue a recall. Over 2.5 million units have been made, about 1 million of which have sold in the United States and across the rest of the world. Instead, the company plans to replace each of the faulty smartphones with a new one that does not contain the defective aspect.

Exploding devices of any kind can cause any number of issues, including both bodily harm and property damage. Even when companies pledge to replace or recall defective items, consumers who are waiting for replacements or who are simply unaware of the issue remain at risk for serious harm. California consumers who have been adversely affected by a company or manufacturer's negligence in product design and safety can help hold them accountable by successfully navigating a products liability suit to completion.

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