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4 Safety Tips for Bicyclists


Sacramento is prone to heavy rainfall, especially during this time of year. The city typically sees an average of 18.5 inches of rainfall each year.

You may need to bike to get to work or to reach CSU Sacramento. While you do not want a little rain to get in your way, you need to be vigilant of the dangers. Just as rain impacts how motorists need to behave, rainfall also means bicyclists need to be careful. With a few precautions, you can be more confident you will reach your destination safely.

1. Use a wider tire

A slippery surface means your bicycle tire will have greater difficulty retaining traction on the sidewalk. Therefore, it is advisable to swap out skinnier tires with thicker ones so that you create more surface area. If you usually ride with tires that are 21 millimeters across, then you may want to think about replacing them with 25 mm tires. It is also recommended to reduce tire pressure.

2. Adjust braking habits

You want to give yourself more room to come to a complete stop when it rains outside. You should also think about getting your brake pads replaced. Check the pads once every so often to see if they have become too worn out or glazed. It is also good to opt for brake discs, which are more capable of withstanding moisture.

3. Avoid puddles

It may seem fun to kick up some water, but you never want to ride over a puddle when on a bike. You never know what hazards the puddle conceals. It may be easier to avoid puddles on commuter paths than the shoulder of the road.

4. Keep bike well-lit

Even if it is the middle of the day, you want to make sure motorists can always see you on your bike. If you do not presently have an LED light installed on the front of your bike, then you should invest in one.

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