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Common Places Car Accidents Happen

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Chances are any time you take a highway or freeway, you will see a car accident at some point in your commute. But were you aware that the majority of car accidents don’t take place on large highways and freeways? In fact, more than 50% of car accidents take place close to home, in less hectic locations.

Here are some of the most common places car accidents happen:

Parking Lots

While parking lot accidents typically doesn’t cause severe injuries, they do happen often. The common explanation is that there are little to no traffic rules in parking lots. There are many moving parts in a parking lot, and when there is little traffic enforcement it’s easy to see why they are so common.

Take extra caution as you pass storefronts and entrances/exits. These areas have the highest level of congestion and are the most common places for accidents in a parking lot.

Stop Signs

Another common place for accidents to occur is at stop sign intersections. The cause of these accidents is often a driver rolling through the stop sign or failing to stop completely. These accidents can be very serious, as getting t-boned is a very serious accident. Be sure to take caution while going through stop signs and always keep your eyes on the road.

Rural Roads

While rural streets may be less congested, there is no shortage of accidents on them. Many single-vehicle accidents occur on these smaller roads. Some of the most common reasons the accidents occur include:

  • Lack of road maintenance

  • Inattentive drivers due to the lack of traffic

Two-Lane Roads

A two-lane road is a road that only provides 1 lane for each traffic direction, typically accompanied by smaller shoulders than a traditional highway. Due to these circumstances, it’s common for accidents on two-lane roads to end in a head-on collision. These are some of the most dangerous types of car accidents for all parties involved.

No matter how safe you are driving, there is still the risk of getting into an accident. Because complete prevention isn’t always possible, Piering Law Firm is here to help you receive compensation for your damages following a car accident.

At Piering Law Firm, our team of highly qualified personal injury attorneys has been helping our clients receive the most favorable outcome possible. We have many years fighting against insurance companies to ensure our clients receive the proper compensation.

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