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DUIs and Unfair Charges

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You must know what to do next if you have been arrested for a DUI offense. You can’t just sit back and hope everything will be resolved without your input or assistance. In addition, you must take some time to consider your rights. We break down the basics of dealing with a wrongful DUI charge.

How Does An Unfair Charge Happen?

While films and TV have led us to believe that alcohol testing devices and procedures are foolproof, they are full of issues that can impact many sober drivers. In many cases, an unfair DUII charge can result from an officer overstepping in their attempts to stop a potential drunk driver.

Police officers can only arrest individuals for a DUI if they have substantial evidence that the driver was under the influence of a substance that impaired their driving. However, in some cases, faulty sobriety tests have led sober drivers to face charges. Note that faulty breathalyzers or a lack of a proper sobriety test have been used to justify false arrests.

You may think unfair DUI charges will only occur during potential sobriety checkpoints, but that is not the case. An officer abusing their power can often pull over a driver for a minor infraction, such as a broken tail light or possibly speeding. From this minor infraction, the officer might suspect an individual is under the influence yet still arrest them despite the results.

Note that these unfair instances of DUI charges apply to both alcohol and marijuana. While these substances are legal in certain circumstances, that is not going to cross an officer's mind if they are set on arresting you.

If I Was Sober, I Would Be Fine, Right?

The unfortunate reality with unfair DUI charges is that despite an individual's innocence if they were arrested under false pretenses, they still will face longstanding consequences. An arrest appearing on an individual's record can make securing employment far more complex.

The other issues to consider after an unfair arrest involve dealing with potential fines. While an arrest can ruin your record, an additional fine can take its toll. Especially if you are struggling financially.

Avoid Thinking That You Are All Alone

You have probably been charged with an unjust DUI offense. Now that you face a case, it is natural to feel a sense of isolation and fear. You may feel like no one will help you, and everyone else thinks you are guilty. Do not let this discourage or frighten you because many people can help support your case. Many resources are available to assist anyone arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You are ready to tackle unfair charges with this out of the way.

Seek Help From A DUI Attorney

Having an experienced DUI attorney on your side is a must when dealing with any DUI charge. A qualified attorney can provide insight into how the process works, help you understand what evidence is being used against you, and identify potential defenses that may or may not work in your favor.

Typically, we have seen clients trying to get out of a charge by talking to the officers that arrested them, which is rarely a good idea. Even in good faith, attempting to discuss your charges directly with an officer can lead to complications that can make your charges worse. To put it simply, you can start off with an unfair DUI charge, but if you fumble while talking to an officer can lead you into a vehicle search that leads to far more charges.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. You can fight back against unjust DUI charges and win your case. You do this by hiring a qualified, experienced DUI attorney who will fight for you in court and protect your rights as an innocent individual.

No matter the circumstance, do your best to document your unfair charge as much as possible. From establishing witnesses to getting badge numbers or anything that can paint a clear picture of the incident. The more you legally document your case, the better your defense in the future.

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