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Fiery Wreck Led to Wrongful Death of Mothers, Children


A secondary accident with an 18-wheeler turned a family vacation into a horrifying nightmare. Two women and their respective children were killed after their rented minivan burst into flames on the side of a California freeway. The women's husbands survived the accident, but they were injured while trying to save their families. Although the accident happened recently, it is not too early to entertain the possible benefits of wrongful death claims.

It is unclear exactly who was driving the rented vehicle when it was involved in an apparently minor wreck with a small, passenger vehicle. At that point, both the minivan and second vehicle pulled onto the shoulder. However, that did not stop an oncoming 18-wheeler from striking the minivan from behind, sparking the tragic second accident.

The minivan was forced off of the shoulder and down into a nearby ravine, where it then burst into flames. Two officers with the California Highway Patrol spotted the van as it caught fire and went to the scene. They reported both fathers had escaped but were begging for help rescuing their loved ones. Ultimately, the mothers and their children -- aged 2 to 5 years old -- did not survive the wreck, and both fathers were airlifted from the scene in order to receive treatment for burns.

There is perhaps no greater loss for a parent than the death of a child, and the pain felt by a person who has lost his or her entire family can be unconscionable. A wrongful death suit can never bring back loved ones who were killed in an accident, but it can at the very least help achieve a sense of justice for those left to mourn their loss. When navigated to a successful end, these claims can also result in compensation for the deceased's estate, including funeral expenses that might not have been expected.

Source:, "2 moms, 4 kids killed in fiery crash on 5 Fwy in Gorman", Darsha Philips, June 28, 2016

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