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Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents Block Highway Lanes in California


Sacramento was the site of a multi-vehicle crash that closed lanes on Highway 50, according to local sources. As is often the case with fatal motor vehicle accidents, California authorities blocked off large portions of the major highway in order to conduct their investigation into the crash. One driver has been taken into custody.

Around 5:30 on April 24, a driver rear-ended another vehicle with enough force to push that car off the road. That car then rear-ended a third vehicle that was disabled and vacant. Somehow, a fourth vehicle also became involved, rolling several times before coming to rest.

The driver who set off the multi-vehicle crash was suspected of drunk driving and taken into custody. The driver of the rolled vehicle was taken to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Tragically, the driver of the rear-ended vehicle was killed in the crash. The highway remained closed for three hours while police conducted an investigation into the specifics of the accident. Charges are pending against the driver in custody.

If the driver is found guilty of DUI, that individual will face serious consequences. When fatal motor vehicle accidents are caused by willful negligence of this type, California residents likely agree that criminal punishment is justified. In addition, the family of the deceased driver will likely be entitled to file a wrongful death suit against the driver held responsible for the crash. Even if that driver is not convicted, he or she could still be facing a costly lawsuit in a civil court.

Source:, "Highway 50 Reopens After Fatal Multi-Car Crash", Genny McLaren, April 24, 2016

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