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Premises Liability Claim After Customer Is Injured After Fall


The owner of a convenience store has been sued after a client slipped in a puddle of water and fell. The customer has filed a premises liability claim after she suffered serious injuries in the fall. The injured victim alleges that the shop owner was negligent, as shoppers were not warned of the danger posed by a leaking fridge. Shop owners in California and other states must place warning signs when something may pose a danger to their shoppers.

The accident happened when the victim slipped in a water puddle, which resulted from a leak in an ice-cream freezer. Her shoulder, back and neck were seriously injured and required a number of surgeries. In the complaint, it is indicated that the victim suffered physical and emotional pain as a result of the injuries. It is also alleged that further medical treatment and care are required.

The plaintiff requests a minimum award of $200,000 with the upper amount of the claim being $1 million in monetary relief, as well as interest, attorney fees and court costs. She asserts that the business was required to warn her, and other patrons, of the water leak. According to her, the shop owner did not maintain a safe premises.

A California property owner can be held liable for injuries suffered by others on his or her property. Victims seriously injured due to a lack of warning signs alerting patrons to a possible dangerous situation, as in the case mentioned above, may choose to file a premises liability claim against the property owner and/or party in possession. A successfully litigated claim may result in a financial award for damages sustained as a result of the injury.

Source:, "Customer blames convenience store for fall, injuries", Philip Gonzales, Oct. 19, 2016

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