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We Can Help Make Your Premises Liability Claim Easier


Most people in California have seen actors become the butt of jokes by slipping and falling on a TV show or in a movie, but in real life, these types of accidents can be very dangerous. Maintaining a safe property free of these types of dangers is a responsibility that all property owners must take seriously. Sadly, not all owners do. We make sure that our clients understand their rights to pursue compensation from negligent property owners through the actions of premises liability claims.

Premises liability cases can be surprisingly complex and can cover a wide range of accidents. Aside from the often cited slip-and-fall accidents, dog bites, pool accidents and even attacks from insufficient security can all fall under the realm of premises liability. These accidents can occur on private property, a public location or even a sidewalk outside of a workplace.

Property owners are usually not automatically found negligent simply because someone was hurt on their property. Victims must be able to definitively demonstrate how an owner's negligence contributed to their accident an injury. For some, this might mean pointing out dangerous conditions that went without repair. Witness testimonials can also be extremely helpful for proving a property owner's negligence.

Pursuing compensation for an injury suffered on a dangerous property can be an emotionally draining process. We understand this, and at our firm, we make sure that our California clients' legal and emotional needs are both supported. With the right support, compensation from a premises liability suit can be much easier to pursue.

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