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We Fight to Stay out of Court After Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents


While an undeniable asset to our current way of life in California, there is little denying the danger that motor vehicles can pose when a negligent driver is behind the wheel. A driver who is drunk, looking at their phone or simply distracted has the potential to wreak devastation on the roadways. When the negligent actions of these drivers cause fatal motor vehicle accidents, it is usually the victims' families who must seek justice on their behalf.

Criminal charges are a common result of deadly accidents. However, this might mean very little to a family that is struggling to handle the financial damages of a loved one's death. While most people understand the emotional pain and suffering that families deal with, few acknowledge the very real financial burden that can be created in this type of situation.

Unexpected funeral costs are a source of enormous expense for families. In some situations, there are even medical bills for attempts at life-saving medical care. These expenses can leave families financially insecure or even lead to bankruptcy, which is why we jump into action as soon as clients reach out to us. Our timely approach allows us to conduct our own investigation of the accident scene, including evidence and witness testimonials.

We understand the stress that California families undergo when losing a loved one, and most hope to avoid the added stress of having to go to trial over a wrongful death claim. For the most part, claims regarding fatal motor vehicle accidents can successfully be settled without ever stepping foot in court. However, if it becomes necessary, we have the experience and knowledge to protect our clients' interests when facing the courtroom. Contact our firm today to secure representation for your own case.

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