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Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries to Avoid


Many seasoned and novice motorcycle riders believe that they have nothing to fear when they hit the streets. However, the number of bikers killed in motorcycle crashes in California and across the country continues to rise daily. Many bikers who survive their accidents often end up with serious injuries that require expensive and lifelong care.

Take some time to learn about the common types of motorcycle accident injuries that riders are at risk of sustaining and what you can do avoid them.

Broken bones and torn ligaments

Collisions can result in motorcyclists falling and being thrown from their bikes. The impact of those falls and the force of items falling onto their bodies can cause bones to break or fracture and ligaments to tear. Most broken-bone injuries require short-term medical treatment before riders can resume their normal activities. However, some broken-bone injuries are more severe. They can lead to numerous surgeries, rehabilitation and short- to long-term disability.

Spinal cord damage

Not all motorcycle accidents result in bikers being able to walk away with scrapes and bruises. Some riders sustain injuries to their spinal cords. Spinal cord injuries are always serious because they can affect numerous functions in the body. They can lead to nerve disorders and damage, physical impairment and other serious medical problems that can lead to death.

Brain trauma

The force and impact of motorcycle collisions on a person’s head can cause severe brain trauma. Individuals who suffer brain injuries may experience changes in their personalities, concussions, memory loss and diminished cognitive function. Brain injuries can be either short term or long term. Many victims of motorcycle accidents who sustain brain injuries need additional care and support from medical care providers and loved ones for the rest of their lives.

In addition to using safe motorcycle operation practices and adhering to traffic laws, rules and signs, bikers should wear safety gear and helmets. Doing so can prevent the different kinds of serious injuries they are at risk of receiving.

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