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Motorcycle Accidents: Why Should You Wear a Helmet?


You may prefer to ride your motorcycle instead of driving a car in California. Because motorcycles do not offer the same protections as passenger vehicles, the law requires you and your passengers to wear helmets. You should also wear safety gear to protect your body from serious injury.

Many bikers choose to gamble with their health and lives by not wearing helmets and safety gear despite the increased risk of serious injuries and death they face when they share the roads with vehicles that are much larger than theirs. Here are some reasons why you should at the minimum wear a helmet.

It is the law

It is illegal for you not to wear a helmet when you ride and operate a motorcycle. Not having a helmet on your head is a ticketable offense that can lead to points, court fees and higher auto insurance premiums.

It can improve visibility

Helmets have eyewear equipment built into them that can improve your ability to see on the roads. The reflective material can help reduce sun and headlight glare so you can keep your eyes open and on your surroundings. Helmets also make you more visible to other motorists. Motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles and harder to see, especially in blind spots. The reflection of light on your helmet can alert others to your presence so they can take actions to avoid you.

It lowers the risk of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries

Helmets have bulk and padding that add weight and protection around your head to lower the risk of you sustaining brain and spinal cord trauma. In the event of a crash or fall, your helmet cushions your head and a portion of your spine from the impact. Riding without a helmet leaves your head without impact protection.

Helmets may not seem very attractive or appealing for you to wear. However, they can keep you from sustaining a serious head or neck injury and dying in a motorcycle accident. When you wear additional safety gear, such as jackets, pants and shoes, you can protect the rest of your body too.

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