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3 Tips for Biking in the Rain


Living in Sacramento means you get to enjoy bicycling in warm and dry weather most of the time. However, winter is here and it is going to start raining. Biking in the rain may be intimidating at first, but you do not need to keep your bike inside when it gets wet outside.

With the right knowledge, you can safely navigate the Sacramento roads even when the rain starts falling. Take a look at our tips for safely cycling in the rain below.

1. Light up your bike

Drivers need to see you. With the reduced visibility of rainy conditions, it is more likely for motorists to not notice you and crash into you. According to, you should equip your handlebar and seatpost with bright LED lamps while bicycling in the rain. It is also a good idea to get a red flashing LED light for the rear of your bike.

2. Watch out for oil and puddles

The streets get particularly slick right after the train starts pouring because the rain causes oil in the pavement to come to the surface. Keep an eye out for rainbow-colored sections on the road, as this indicates an oil slick. You should also avoid puddles. What may look like a harmless patch of standing water that is fun to ride through can cause a crash.

3. Stay dry and warm

You will definitely want to properly layer up so you do not get too wet and cold. Consider getting a dry-fit base layer, wool socks, waterproof gloves, fleece and a waterproof jacket. While shopping for new gear, you may want to opt for more bright colors to increase your visibility to drivers.

Rain can throw Californians for a loop, but you do not need to put your bike away when it occurs. Keep cycling even when it is wet with these three fundamental tips.

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