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Staying safe on your bicycle in Sacramento


Avid cyclists in Sacramento know the many risks and hazards involved in cycling through the city. Sometimes, despite the best precautions, an accident still occurs and causes serious injury.

One way to enhance your safety as you ride your bicycle in Sacramento is to understand the specific hazards you face. Once you are more informed, you can take that knowledge with you on the road.

Is cycling in Sacramento safe?

Every city has inherent risks for cyclists, as well as problematic intersections that are inherently more dangerous than others. This can be due to a number of different reasons, such as heavy vehicle traffic, lack of proper signage, or roads that have nonexistent or inconsistently available bike lanes. The city of Sacramento is aware of the dangers on the road for cyclists and has taken some actions to protect cycling enthusiasts. In fact, the city even offers an "Urban Bicycling 101" class to help cyclists learn how to face the hazards of this particular city and become more confident and safer riders.

Regardless, however, of how many precautions you take as a cyclist in Sacramento, and regardless of how much experience you have on the city's roads, there will always be some degree of risk. Injuries can be a serious issue, especially when a third party is negligent and causes the accident.

Cycling accidents and injuries

It is no secret that cyclists are more prone to suffering serious injuries when they share the road with motor vehicles. The likelihood of a crash that leads to injury is always present. Injured cyclists may feel they have nowhere to turn for help with their mounting medical bills and for fighting insurance companies to compensate them for their injuries. Although many people turn to a personal injury attorney for help, another major concern is often how much it will cost to file a personal injury lawsuit.

While each case varies, if you have suffered an injury while cycling, it can be in your best interest to contact a qualified attorney for a consultation. Oftentimes, the initial consultation is free in a personal injury case, and many attorneys also take their fee when you win your case, which helps you begin legal action without having to offer a lot of money upfront.

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