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Winter Weather and Holiday Dangers in Car Accidents

driver in the rain with windshield wipers

As rain starts to fall around the winter months, several dangers can exist on the road. Even more, dangers around the holiday increase and can cause significant accidents. Individuals should recognize what dangers may exist and how to move forward should an accident occur.

Winter Dangers and Where Negligence Exists

Rainfall can be very dangerous. Far too often, drivers think they can drive as they do when the weather conditions are perfect. However, driving in the same exact manner can lead to drivers losing control of their vehicles. For instance, even driving the speed limit is dangerous when rain is falling heavily or fog reduces visibility.

Rain can also make the roads slippery, especially when drivers don’t have adequate traction on their tires. It’s vital to recognize how negligence can still factor into a crash involving bad weather:

  • When a driver doesn’t drive safe for conditions and causes a crash
  • When a driver doesn’t maintain his or her vehicle and causes a collision
  • When a driver doesn’t maintain a safe distance from other drivers allowing them to brake

It takes longer for drivers to brake in rainy conditions, so it’s vital to ensure the car in front of you has enough time and space to stop safely.

Holiday Dangers and an Increase in Accidents

Around the holiday season, the number of accidents can increase, especially those related to intoxication. In the week from Christmas to New Year’s Day, over 300 drunk driving accidents occur. Unfortunately, even rideshares that are supposed to keep people safe can be dangerous.

The holidays often bring out more rideshare drivers looking to make some extra money. Rideshare drivers are distracted for roughly 40-60% of the time they’re on the road. The most common distractions include:

  • Scanning for passengers
  • Checking their phone for new passengers
  • Looking at GPS for directions

With more rideshare drivers on the road, the dangers of distractions greatly increase.

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