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Car Accidents and How to Cope with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Catastrophic injuries are far too common in car accidents. Even minor injuries can be difficult to overcome. However, it’s often the mental trauma you may experience that can be much more difficult to endure. Emotional distress stemming from a car accident can last many years—in some cases, a lifetime. This damage means you must understand how to safeguard your rights.

While post-traumatic stress disorder is a widely known condition, not everyone links it to car accidents. They associate PTSD with soldiers who return home from wars. While both are valid, post-traumatic stress from a car accident can play a role in the compensation you may recover if the other party is liable for your damages.

Our team wants to help you in two ways. First, we want you to recognize ways to cope with PTSD. Second, we want you to understand your options to seek compensation for your emotional distress.

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Coping with PTSD

Post-traumatic stress can impact your life in many different ways. The condition can cause behavioral changes, fear, anxiety, and more. Unfortunately, few people know how to cope with it. It’s important to know that different methods prescribed by a medical professional can help, and it starts with finding what works best for you.

Here are a few different coping mechanisms you can use for PTSD:

  • The RAIN Method: The RAIN method is often effective for individuals who recognize the fact that they’re dealing with PTSD. It stands for Recognize, Accept, Investigate, and Not-Identify. When you remember RAIN, you allow your condition to exist, but it doesn’t identify who you are, and you can overcome it.
  • A List of Outs: PTSD is often triggered by memories of the crash, meaning you can experience similar sights or sounds, and it can cause you to feel anxious or overwhelmed. In these moments, have a list of outs that help you escape the situation.
  • A Support System: Have someone that you can reach out to in any situation where you start to feel the impact of your PTSD. A friend, family member, or therapist can help you talk out your feelings, so you know what is causing your triggers and how to cope with them.

How PTSD Plays a Role in Legal Matters

Post-traumatic stress disorder can fall under the category of non-economic damages. To determine the value of non-economic damages, you may look at how the car accident impacts your life. When a car accident causes a loss of enjoyment of life—which is often what happens with PTSD—the value can increase, and you may recover more compensation.

Pursuing compensation for PTSD means receiving an accurate diagnosis from a medical professional. While we encourage you to speak with your primary care physician soon after an accident to deal with your physical injuries, you may also want to speak with a therapist who can assess your mental health as well.

If it is shown that you experience post-traumatic stress disorder, it helps to have a lawyer that can show just how much it impacts your life.

At Piering Law Firm, we put your rights and best interests first. Whether you experience physical or mental harm after an accident involving someone else’s negligence, know that we fight for your right to pursue compensation.

With our Sacramento car accident attorneys on your side, you can feel peace of mind regarding what comes next. Let us be your voice against negligence so that you can move forward in the most effective manner possible.

We offer free consultations so you can understand what rights and options you have. Call our firm at (916) 476-2399 today to schedule yours and speak with our team about your potential case.

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