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Should I Accept the First Settlement Offer?

insurance adjuster signing settlement paper

After a crash, you deal with insurance adjusters who want to get through the claims-filing process as soon as possible. When you file a claim, they offer a settlement amount for your losses. However, the first settlement is not always what it seems despite the need for insurance adjusters to quickly get through a claim.

Even if insurance adjusters say you have to accept the first settlement offer or you’ll receive nothing, it’s best to speak with a lawyer first. Below, we’ll provide you with vital information you should know about the first settlement offer, so you know what to expect.

Why Does the Insurance Company Want to Settle?

If an insurance adjuster can get you to settle the case quickly, they essentially save money. Not only do they get you to believe their offer is the maximum amount you can recover, but they also avoid trial and the fees that come along with it. Here are some ways insurance adjusters try to get you to settle:

  • Delaying the investigation of your claim
  • Claiming your losses are not covered
  • Prolonging settlement negotiations
  • Challenging policy limits

Insurance adjusters offer their settlement first. If they can prolong the process, they hope that you will need money and you will accept whatever it is they offer you.

Why Is Having Legal Counsel So Important?

Working with an attorney gives you the resources you need to combat the insurance adjusters and their settlement offers. Before you sign or accept anything, speak with an attorney about your claim’s value. You may be able to file additional legal action to obtain much more than the insurance company offers you.

At Piering Law Firm, we protect you from large companies who don’t put your rights as a person first. Our Sacramento car accident lawyers will stand by your side every step of the way, working to obtain compensation when you need it most.

Ready to speak with a lawyer about your case? Call us today at (916) 476-2399.

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