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What Should My Claim Include?

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After a crash, you need to file a claim that focuses on your needs. To give yourself comfort moving forward, you need to pursue compensation for your damages, but it’s essential to ensure you know what to include in your claim. When you know what should be included in your claim, you and your legal team can prevent insurance adjusters from taking advantage of your rights and a vulnerable situation.

What Your Claim Should Cover

  • Medical expenses: Your claim should cover all medical expenses associated with your injuries, including inpatient services, prescription medication, long-term medical care, specialized medical equipment, etc.
  • Lost income: Your claim can cover income if you’re unable to work due to your injury. Coverage for lost income may include past and future earnings that were affected because of your injury.
  • Property damage: If you experience severe vehicle damage or your car is totaled, you may be able to receive compensation to cover the costs of repairs or replacement up to the policy limits.
  • Pain and suffering: You may be able to recover compensation for your mental anguish associated with your accident. You should receive a professional diagnosis regarding your trauma, but you also want to have a lawyer who can strongly position your case to recover non-economic damages.

Unfortunately, insurance companies may try to leave out very important aspects of your claim. They may try to claim a policy doesn’t cover your property damage or lost income after a certain point. Our goal is to hold insurance companies fully accountable to pursue the compensation you deserve after you suffer harm due to negligence.

At Piering Law Firm, you’ll find strong legal counsel looking out for your rights. Our Sacramento car accident lawyers go above and beyond when you need it most. Let us build a strong case on your behalf to protect your best interests. With us on your side, you don’t have to worry about what comes next.

Call our firm today at (916) 476-2399 and let us be your voice when it matters most.

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