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Premises Liability Suits Benefit from Our Careful Guidance


Whether shopping at a popular retail establishment or visiting another person's home, each and every person in California has the right to expect that a property has been properly maintained. This might seem obvious to some, but many property owners fail to adequately address dangers or warn visitors of potential hazards, putting some at risk of serious injury or even death. Injuries caused by slip-and-fall accidents, dog bites or any other number of hazardous conditions can all be justly compensated through premises liability claims.

The injury victims who seek our help often have the same fear -- how will they address their financial damages? Being seriously injured usually means time away from work for medical treatment and recovery, leaving victims stuck with medical bills and no pay check with which to address the growing debt. Some victims even feel forced to return to work long before they are healthy enough to do so.

Ongoing pain and suffering is another common issue with which victims struggle. Dog bite victims typically face extreme emotional distress around dogs, even if in the past they had no fear of pets. Those who have been injured after falling on a slippery surface might have to face a lifetime of back pain with little to no relief. These damages tend to be overshadowed by more immediate injuries that require prompt attention, and negligent property owners often refuse to acknowledge the parts they have played in certain ongoing issues.

Defying a person's right to expectation of safety can be extremely traumatizing. In some instances, victims even struggle with whether they should bother to seek compensation from parties who are liable for their injuries. We understand that this tends to be a volatile period of life for California victims, and we remain firmly by the sides of our clients throughout the entire process of achieving just compensation through the successful actions of premises liability suits.

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