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Dog Bite Victims May Achieve Success with Premises Liability Suit


Dogs might be considered man's best friend, but it is often the smallest and most vulnerable in our society who fall victim to dog bites -- children. Parents of children who have been injured by a dog bite are often distraught and unsure of how to best seek justice on behalf of their child. For many California parents, a premises liability claim can be an effective approach to this problem.

Children are most often the victim of dog bits for a number of reasons. For one, young children typically do not have the capacity to understand that not all dogs are loving and friendly. Because of this, children are more likely to accidentally provoke dogs while simply trying to express affection or initiate playtime. Since California dog owners are held accountable for their dogs' actions, parents may be entitled to seek compensation via a premises liability suit no matter where the attack occurred.

When dogs express aggression against small children, it often manifests as biting, focused mainly around the face and head. Plastic surgery is often needed after a child has already received other necessary medical care related to being bitten, and even then scars are often a lifelong outcome. Aside from physical damage, the emotional trauma after a dog bite can be devastating, causing unnecessary fear of any and all dogs, not just of certain breeds.

We believe that all dog bite victims have the right to seek compensation in order to receive necessary ongoing care related to their injuries. For some, this might also mean mental health care in order to address lingering trauma. No matter what their individual needs, we pride ourselves on the dedicated guidance that we provide to all of our clients in California who are considering the benefits of a.

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